Visiting Hakui, Japan’s UFO Town

Back in 2016, as some of you may know, I decided that it would be a fun idea to locate the Grave Of Moses.. In case you weren’t aware, Moses lived and died in Japan and his grave is located at the foot of Japan’s Mount Hodatsu. And if that’s not enough, the way he’s supposed to have made his journey to Japan was via a UFO. Yep.

Well, the train I needed to take from Kanazawa actually heading towards a Japanese town called Hakui. This city, it turns out, is the Japanese version of Roswell: the place in the country with the most UFO sightings, some dating back over 1000 years. And since it was quite close to the Grave of Moses, I decided to head there and check it out.

While Hakui itself isn’t a very exciting town, it does feature this enormous UFO-shaped museum known as Cosmo Isle. Cosmo Isle first opened in 1994 by ex-Buddhist priest Josen Takano, who quit his career as a science fiction writer for Japanese television, founded a UFO-Lovers political party, and raised around 50 million dollars in order to bestow this amazing museum on the public.

Cosmo Isle was to feature an enormous collection of UFO and alien-related documents, some being, apparently, authentic FBI documents relating to the famous Roswell conspiracy. How did Josen Takano get his hands on these documents? I’m not sure.

Sadly the FBI found out about this guy and launched a secret investigation on Cosmo Isle. One suspects that they stopped this UFO museum from reaching its full potential – but that’s just me.

Watch my video below at the Loneliest Man Channel and let me know what you think.

Five Things I Like About Belarus

It breaks my heart, but lately there has been some tension between the nations of Belarus and Australia. Now sure, on the surface these countries are very similar – they both take Eurovision very seriously, for example. But ever since Jock Palfreeman, a happy-go-lucky Australian happened to stab a Bulgarian to death back in 2007 (in self-defence) it appears our differences, rather than our similarities, have become magnified.

And yet there is a part of me that feels that the tensions are less to do with Jock, and more to do with me. In 2013, I embarked on a Bulgarian trip with my good mate Kev where we had a wonderful time, but possibly infuriated the locals with our brimming smiles and cocky demeanours. So in order to right our many wrongs, I’ve decided to make a video praising the many things I love about Bulgaria (five, to be exact).

Watch below.

My DNA Test: How Sri Lankan Am I?

Throughout my life, I’ve dismissed many of my opinions on the basis that I’m merely a white man, and society doesn’t need opinions from someone like myself. Yet on rare occasions, I’ve felt that a few of my most inner ideas had, I don’t know, a certain ‘validity’ about them. Until recently I was afraid to admit this in public.

But then my DNA results came in.

It turns out that I’m not white at all. Not by a long shot. Because no matter how what my pigmentation, the recent results received to me from AncestryDNA reveal that while I’m partially white privilege (sixty-percent), I’m in fact 26 per cent South Asian, and a further 4 per cent Gujarati.

Suddenly, small things started to make sense. My father’s accent for example, had always sounded strikingly Sri Lankan – and although this makes sense due him being born in Sri Lanka and looking somewhat Sri Lankan, it still came as a shock.

Growing up, he’d always claimed to have been fully European, as a member of the Sri Lankan Dutch Burgher minority. He didn’t merely claim to have had some Dutch blood, but instead claimed to be related to Prussians and, therefore, I suppose, the Germanic Royal Family, and possibly the true heirs to obscure European thrones such as Bulgaria or Romania.

Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Watch the video to see more.


Why I Came Back To Belarus

I’d just arrived in Minsk with a gleam in my eye and decided to record a video before heading out to have my soul crushed. But this does show where my mind was at upon arrival: paranoid having started reading ‘Waiting For Hitler: Stalin, 1929-1941’ by Stephen Kotkin (which is admittedly not the best thing to read if you’re already nervous about entering a country which prides itself on retaining the policies of the Soviet Union) and also goes on to display my obsession with Jungian personality types (in fact, for the first time I decided to confess that I am an INFP personality type).



I’m back from Belarus

I’ve recently returned from Belarus, and I’ve got a lot of stories to tell you. Most of these, as you can imagine, involve old men, and I’m not sure how much you really want to hear these stories. But I feel like, having had the privilege of going to Belarus, I should really use this website to speak the truth about what I saw, and that truth just happens to involve old men walking up to me. It’s not my fault.

Anyway, look forward to more updates about my Belarus trip coming soon. I’m still somewhat traumatised and the scars are still a tad, you know. Exposed.

Visiting New Zealand-Land, Japan’s most underwhelming theme park

Recently I had a chance to visit the world’s worst theme park, New Zealand Land. Let’s just say that it wasn’t great. But despite all that, I thought I had better head over there, especially given that I was an Australian and all.

Watch now and let me know what you think.

Moses In Japan? Introduction by Kevin Jennings

Moses in Japan? – Introduction 

A few years ago, when Peter Vondlepark first told me that he was going to investigate a rumour that the Biblical figure Moses had lived and died in Japan in ancient times, I was sceptical.

Yet scepticism never stopped Peter Vondlepark before; this wayward explorer of the peculiar and strange. He had a burning need to go to Japan and find out this truth.

Months later when he returned from Japan, he had both video footage and a strange gleam in his eye. I knew that he had a story he had to tell. He would not let what he had found stay hidden from the World.

Viewers, the video you are about to see is about Moses – The Moses, having lived in Japan.

In this video you will see Peter exploring places and concepts that on one hand could not possibly be true, and yet on the other hand is proof of a place dedicated to this person and these events.

This video becomes deep and personal. Peter even goes so far to make the connection between his own loneliness and the loneliness that Moses would certainly have experienced as a leader of a tribe wandering a desert.

Viewers, you are about to see a whole new side to the Moses story. Enjoy.

– Kevin Jennings, 2019