My DNA Test: How Sri Lankan Am I?

Throughout my life, I’ve dismissed many of my opinions on the basis that I’m merely a white man, and society doesn’t need opinions from someone like myself. Yet on rare occasions, I’ve felt that a few of my most inner ideas had, I don’t know, a certain ‘validity’ about them. Until recently I was afraid to admit this in public.

But then my DNA results came in.

It turns out that I’m not white at all. Not by a long shot. Because no matter how what my pigmentation, the recent results received to me from AncestryDNA reveal that while I’m partially white privilege (sixty-percent), I’m in fact 26 per cent South Asian, and a further 4 per cent Gujarati.

Suddenly, small things started to make sense. My father’s accent for example, had always sounded strikingly Sri Lankan – and although this makes sense due him being born in Sri Lanka and looking somewhat Sri Lankan, it still came as a shock.

Growing up, he’d always claimed to have been fully European, as a member of the Sri Lankan Dutch Burgher minority. He didn’t merely claim to have had some Dutch blood, but instead claimed to be related to Prussians and, therefore, I suppose, the Germanic Royal Family, and possibly the true heirs to obscure European thrones such as Bulgaria or Romania.

Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Watch the video to see more.